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Business Analysis ToolBusiness Analysis Tool

Category: Web Application
Technologies: ASP .Net/C#, SQL Server

Description: A variation of business intelligence tool is business strategy planner which helps control the data related to all the various operations of the business at one single place. This makes the data easy to access which in return helps management in analyzing the data and making important decisions based on the data.

Business Strategy PlannerBusiness Strategy Planner

Category: Web Application
Technologies: FLEX 3.0, ASP.Net/C#, SQL Server

Description: A web based application to enhance business management process was designed for our client. It provides multi division support and entire system inspection facility. It also simplified the report generation process. Business strategy planner includes an easy to use user interface.

Decision Support SystemDecision Support System

Category: Web Application
Technologies: FLEX 3.0, ASP.Net/C#, Web ORB

Description: The system makes it easy to generate precise data which can help in business decision making process. It helps the company get more precise results at low cost. One of the best features of the application is that reports can be saved in excel format which can be then further converted into graphs and charts.