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Book StoreBook Store

Category: Web Application
Technologies: ASP .Net/VB, SQL Server

Description: Used book store was requested by a client already having a real book store for used books. Applications on the site which facilitate site functioning are CMS, inventory and category management, library participation, gift card and affiliate networking. Gift card is a very good option for the users.

Supermarket POSSupermarket POS

Category: Desktop Application
Technologies: VB .Net, SQL Server & MySQL

Description: A point of sale system was requested by our clients. It records the details of the transaction at the time of the sale and then sends the data to the head quarters. Flexibility, customization, convenience, simplicity, and efficiency are the key features of the application developed.

Bill Of Material GeneratorBill Of Material Generator

Category: Web Application
Technologies: Silverlight /C#.Net, Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Description: The Material Management system is used to record specification of curtains and supporting accessories for individual hospital rooms, track and manage quotes, estimate cost and determine Bill of Material. So that materials can be produced and supplied in right quantity, at right time, right place and having right cost to distributers.