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Silverlight developers at TatvaSoft are thriving professionals who can deliver exceptional quality rich internet applications using the most sought after technology, Microsoft Silverlight. TatvaSoft has been recognized as a respected company by Microsoft and is been accredited as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, which proves our proficiency level on using Microsoft technologies to deliver high end web applications and RIAs. We have team of highly experienced Silverlight developers capable to leverage the capabilities of Silverlight at its best to serve customer requirement.

We offer service whereby we assign a Silverlight developer on your project for short term or long term contracts. Our Silverlight developers have huge exposure in handling projects for global customers. Our dedicated Silverlight programmer service can help you in following ways:

  • Our team of Silverlight programmers is extensively talented and has minimum 2 years experience each.
  • You are indeed leveraging the skills of highly experienced Silverlight programmers while paying very low wages as we charge most competitive hourly rates.
  • We ensure high quality by providing rigorous testing.
  • Monitoring and reporting is done regularly to keep you updated.
  • Again the cost saving factor comes in when you hire our Silverlight developer, as the developer will work remotely from our own well established infrastructure, saving your time and capital you spend for setting up a new infrastructure.

If you need silverlight developers on contractual basis, please click here to send your requirements.

Our Microsoft Silverlight developers have expertise in developing below:

  • Rich Internet Application Development
  • Audio and Video Integration using windows media streaming
  • Website development and revamping using multimedia and animation
  • Silverlight integration to existing applications
  • Using JavaScript with Silverlight for meeting specific application requirement
  • Windows mobile application development using Silverlight

See our portfolio here:

Silverlight Application
Silverlight Application      
Online Purchase System      

Microsoft Silverlight is web application development platform that leverages the .Net framework to deliver highly interactive and dynamic web applications. It is mostly used for creating RIA as it offers vast features. It supports heavy video streaming into the website and allows multimedia and animation integration very easily. The most unique characteristics of Silverlight is it can create high resolution RIAs which can be operated at very high speed.

The RIA or web application developed using Silverlight is highly scalable and can be maintained with an ease. If you have any short term or long term requirement for hiring a Silverlight developer or silverlight consulting, please get in touch with us.