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TatvaSoft is a software development company specializing in providing iPhone/iPad Application Development services. We have been servicing our clients by developing; delivering and maintaining world class iPhone/iPad applications that lets our customer reap high return on investment and helps us earn customer satisfaction.

We utilize our extensive experience and well qualified team of iPhone developers to build the iPhone apps using latest iPhone technologies such as iOS 4.x, iPhone SDK 3.1 /4.0, Objective C language, and Cocoa Framework to develop the applications which are exceptional in quality and fulfill our customer expectations.

iPDF Reader

An eBook reader, iPDF Reader paves the path to convert the iPhone/iPad into a reader and has the ability to allow the user to transfer a portable document file (PDF) to the iPhone easily and smoothly from a website or computer. It allows user to browse PDF, manipulate content, Zoom in/out content and maintain files in directories on iPhone/iPad. The "Jump to page" feature makes navigation to the inside pages fast. It uses iPhone accelerometer for auto-rotation.

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Brick Breaker

Highly intuitive design and simple to navigate graphics, Brick Breaker is a game loaded with fun, entertains every age group. Highly quick reflections to beat the speed of ball and difficulty of level boosts the excitement of the players and keep them engaged. To get the entertainment dose, download Brick breaker from an appstore now.

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Towers of Hanoi

This logical puzzle game helps increasing concentration and gives a good mind exercise. While moving discs from left most tower to right most tower, you have only two rules to follow, one you can move top most disc and second you cannot put larger disc on smaller disc. See the Tower of Hanoi theory in gaming action. It is playable on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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Eggs Basket!

Eggs Basket is a very simple but mind refreshing game. Its design is very compelling. The game is all about catching the maximum eggs laid by randomly flying hens to score more. Complexity gets increased with number of levels you complete. Download it now over your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and give yourself a challenge.

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My Sudoku

MySuDoKu brings the very famous mind boggling game Sudoku to the iPhone world. All those who love to solve difficult puzzles will fall in love with this application. Give yourself a challenge by setting different difficulty levels. MySuDoKu is feature rich iPhone game application similar to original Sudoku game. Also compatible to iPad and iPod touch.

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iMonkey Jump

iMonkey Jump is an iPhone game especially designed for kid. The graphics are very attractive and game goes very quick. Player is supposed to jump the monkey and save it from falling down, a fun game that drives kids' attention and keep them engaged. It can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on Apstore.

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