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Distributed Application Development

Tatvasoft's distributed application development process is the result of continuous learning, refinement of experience and improvement of process as new technologies have been employed and new ideas have been developed. Technically distributed application means multitiered development architecture.

In traditional client server application, client sends request to server and on receipt of the request, server performs tasks to and return response to the client. In today's distributed application, new middle layers get involved who accept request from clients ranging from browser or other pc based application to handheld devices and they process business rules. This allows thin client development or browser based applications. They can be hosted on different machines for load sharing / load balancing.

Advantages of Distributed applications are :

  • 1. Network Distribution of Application for more stability and guard against failure.
  • 2. Availability of Frameworks and patterns to reduce development time
  • 3. Robust application development based on real-world business objects
  • 4. Access to shared business data
  • 5. Integration of legacy or heritage applications
  • 6. Graphical presentation to the users which is most important now a days.