Software outsourcing to India

Tuesday May 31, 2005

India is leading an offshore outsourcing destination for a decade. There are many reasons for that like cheap labor, technological agility, low cost, and faster time to market, huge English speaking talent pool, etc. In today’s highly competitive software development business, offshore outsourcing is becoming necessary to maintain competitive advantage and drive down operating costs....

Global outsourcing

Tuesday May 31, 2005

Global Software outsourcing – Around 25% of high technology jobs today in developed countries will go to emerging markets like Russia by 2010. This was reported by Gartner Inc., the world leader in research. Gartner presented its analysis and trend in outsourcing at Symposium ITxpo in Barcelona, Spain....

UK becoming hottest destination for Indian outsourcing comapanies

Monday May 30, 2005

According to a new report, the first time, the UK has become a leading market for outsourcing. The UK has overtaken the US to become the top national market for new outsourcing contracts. According to TPI, the UK represented 37% of the market for major outsourcing contracts awarded worldwide this year....

Software Outsourcing India

Saturday May 28, 2005

What are the points to succeed in software outsourcing? Effective communication, rigorous planning, and proper project management. Outsourcing means shifting development work to a world where labor is cheaper. Outsourcing is not a new concept. Everybody does outsourcing. Whether its house cleaning or software development. But software outsourcing has appealed a lot....

offshore outsourcing by eBay

Friday May 27, 2005

eBay to invest $21m in India over next 2 years

eBay, the world’s leading online auctioneer, is exploring options to increase the business IT offshores to India which currently include technical support and customer relations and later integrate them with its Indian division — eBay India

eBay has acquired before some time and has migrated it to eBay platofrm

Although, country manager,...

Software outsourcing Testing

Thursday May 26, 2005

Outsourcing WebSite Testing
A company might consider outsourcing a website’s testing for several

1. The company may be launching a new site, or a new version of their site, and may feel that most testing tasks can be relegated to offshore provider.


Wednesday May 25, 2005

Disney will carve 1,000 IT staffers from its payrolls, shipping many of these workers to outsourcers IBM and Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), according to a media report.

The cuts – which will account for close to one-third of Disney’s total IT department – are expected to begin in mid-July....

Outsourcing India

Sunday May 22, 2005

Tuition outsourcing, the next wave

New Delhi/Chennai: Skilled manpower in India is a major attraction for foreign entrepreneurs to set up operations. Now, Indian entrepreneurs are latching on to the very people who give India its skilled manpower – namely, skilled teachers.

Tuitions outsourcing is an opportunity that beckons India....

Outsourcing web solution

Saturday May 21, 2005

Financial Services Outsource Web Development Services Instead of buying Software
With Jake Rohn, executive vice president of corporate development at Albridge Solutions, and Stuart Tarmy, the company’s vice president of marketing. Albridge Solutions provides enterprise data consolidation and Web-based portfolio accounting and performance reporting solutions to the financial services industry....

Offshore software business growth

Friday May 20, 2005

The Indian Outsourcing giant Wipro has announced reenue of $378 million for the quarter ending 31st March. This quarter result is 31 percent up over last year. Total net income has also increased to $102 million which is up from $74.3 million last year. Wipro was started in Banglore and currently has head-office in US....