offshore outsourcing by eBay

Friday, May 27, 2005

eBay to invest $21m in India over next 2 years

eBay, the world’s leading online auctioneer, is exploring options to increase the business IT offshores to India which currently include technical support and customer relations and later integrate them with its Indian division — eBay India

eBay has acquired before some time and has migrated it to eBay platofrm

Although, country manager, eBay India mentioned all plans are in the initial stage, and at the moment company management is discussing all options to make use of talent pool in India. eBay is using Cognizant technology solutions to currently outsource technology-related work, while Daksh is providing customer support.

“eBay has plans to ramp up its operations in India considering the opportunities here and investments to the tune of $ 20 million are lined up for deployments in another 1-2 years. We will also ramp up our headcount substantially in India which is currently around 120 employees,’’ said Mr. Bajaj, country manager India.