A government report will be published soon with in-depth analysis on kind of IT work less likely to be offshored. Kind of work which is less likely to be offshored can include :

– large-scale system-integration projects
– highly iterative development processes
– work that crosses multiple disciplines
– work that requires a high degree of interaction with end-users or clients
application development with complex procedures, such as those that require frequent manual intervention and data fixes
– Projects requiring a high degree of integration with onshore operations
– Work requiring a deep cultural understanding
– work with much of the knowledge exists only in the minds of onshore IT staff
– Projects that require a high level of creativity, insight, innovation, and thinking outside of the box
– Jobs requiring process design and business analysis, technology and systems integration, and infusion of industry knowledge with a high level of IT skill

Most of the above points have in common is, they involve creating innovation, making nonroutine decisions and fusion of business process with IT. Report is created in close agreement with Mahoney, Gartner chief of research for IT service. He has predicted that, by 2010, large organizations will employ half of the number of poeple compare to 2000. And 50% of the jobs large organizations will outsource to external providers will be filled by providers in same geographic region.