Are you ready for software outsourcing?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

In the beginning, software outsourcing was used just to cut costs and concentrate on the core business. There was very little room for innovation and change. But in years, software outsourcing services has matured and changed a lot. Managing the proper relationships between suppliers is instrumental in realizing the benefits of software outsourcing. The new approach taken by many companies is that outsourcing should be an ongoing and integral part of the organization. Its benefits are higher service levels, reduced time to market, improved operation performance, increased IT staff retention, and reduction of risk. There are a few points that should be considered for a new collaborative approach. This approach changes software outsourcing business from the traditional buyer and seller agreement to one of co-operation and a shared vision of what one can achieve together. It also suggests constant improvement with a focus on the most beneficial parts of the business.

This approach also expects a high level of cooperation and engagement between buyers and suppliers at all levels in software outsourcing. For this, clear and measurable objectives should be set. Buyer and seller in software outsourcing agreement should align their IT objectives and business goals with a common focus on meaningful business. One should not do micro-management and micro objective settings and one should not expect overnight results in software outsourcing. Nothing remains the same in this world. And so is the case in the software development life cycle. One should expect change and should be ready to accommodate business changes, technology changes, and operational improvement. To create a win-win situation in outsourcing software development, one should acknowledge and welcome mutual dependency and should ensure that, objectives are aligned together. The same depends on culture. A win-win situation should be created with a shared vision and approach to working together with like-minded people who all share the same goals.

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