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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cultural difference in offshore outsourcing

There is a big cultural difference in offshore outsourcing. American programmers have higher comfort level with speaking up and offering suggestions. A good software developer can say, what you have been asking did not make sense. While on the other hand, indian programmer will mention, though it dont make sense, it is what client wants. Thus it may happen that, work takes more time then you anticipate. Also, common scenarios in US like creating an automation system for customer credit card or using hand held pam device for any application is very common for US programmer while it can be a foreign concept in India. Also, majority of indian IT companies are very young. Their average age is below 27 years.

So all factors affect aruond 20% of work decline in the efficiency of application development. However, this gap gets smaller and smaller as people work together. So in initial phase, cost of software development can be higher but it decreases eventually. Also, there can be other factors like high turnover of offshore programmers. Attrition rate is very high around 35% because of many multinational companies opening their offices in India and offering salary higher then what a programmer is getting. So it is always good to address this issue in contract while dealing with offshore provider.

Last problem is communication and ascent. Offshore software programmers dont interpret issues as easily as in US. Also ascent makes problem. General communication takes place by phone line but in smaller companies often it takes place on messengers, skype or IP phone.

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