Dedicated offshore software development center

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Many companies have opened a dedicated offshore software development center – ODC in India. Instead of sending work on a project basis, having a dedicated offshore development center is more preferred for many companies. While sending work on a project basis to India, your offshore software development company creates a team to work on your project. But when the project gets over, that team gets disassembled and team members start working as a part of a few different teams taking knowledge along with them. When Software application requires some changes, the again offshore software development company has to assemble a team that works on the project and again they get disassembled. And this continues. Because of change in programmers, software application also suffers and every time a new team has to acquire knowledge of the existing system which is time-consuming and costly. Instead of this, when the software application is going to require some changes in the future or requires continuous maintenance work, it is always preferable that you make a deal with an offshore software development partner to create an ODC – offshore development center where programmers work dedicatedly for your application development only. There are many benefits of ODC over traditional project-based software outsourcing. It gives the advantage of sustaining the knowledge base which gets created while working on the project and after completion also, it is retained. That indirectly benefits in increased productivity. Also, offshore software development center programmers can be treated as part of your own organization, they should be given email IDs of your company and their development place should be separate from your company name and logo. That makes them feeling part of your organization and remains more connected.