Domestic software outsourcing

Friday, June 17, 2005

Most of the Software outsourcing companies in India are concentrating on the US and European markets for offshore software outsourcing. But now the trend is turning towards small to medium companies in the domestic market. Nasscom estimates that the domestic software and services market is above 15,000 crores and growing. The trend suggests that major Indian software outsourcing companies were till now looking at big companies only but now, they have started to look at small to medium scale businesses also. India has above 3.5 million small and mid-scale companies which are increasing IT deployment in their organizations. Competition in their respective business and cost puts pressure on small to mid companies to focus on their core business and take the help of software outsourcing companies to do noncritical IT application development work. The biggest outsourcer is the financial industry which is spending thousands of crores on IT requirements. IT Outsourcing companies manage IT requirements for these companies and also give strategic suggestions about how to use IT for the benefits of the business. This includes services from hardware maintenance to software installation and purchasing of new packages as well as doing software outsourcing development. But yet the industry is not reacting to the domestic market fast because the profit from the domestic market is much lesser then profit from offshore software development business.

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