Offshore outsourcing by TDC

Friday, June 10, 2005

Tele Denmark A/S is the principal provider of domestic and international telephone services in Denmark. Every year, TDC invests billions of kroner in telecoms infrastructure. For the last 18 months, TDS was working hard to get rid of IT projects which were not strategically necessary to keep within. Also, since 2003, TDC services are lowering the number of employees and now the current number is 600 – less than half of the total headcount before 2003. With this reduction, TDC will do software outsourcing for the majority of IT development work in India. This step will reduce more than 100 million dkr in the next three years. TDC is going to announce a partnership with a company that will have 100 Indian software programmers working for TDC as a deal of offshore outsourcing. This will reduce development costs around 3- to 50%.

Software outsourcing and offshore outsourcing company for .NET development – TatvaSoft