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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Software Outsourcing

How india is in advantageous position in software outsourcing?
India has became leader in software outsourcing. It is i preferred offshore outsourcing destination. Because it moved early then other countries in that direction. While other early adapters like Philippines are preferred for services like help desk and call centers, canada is preferred for nearshore destination for software outsourcing. Canada is safe and and strong for clients whom price is not very important.
Russia has now stable economy and strong education system. So Russian market is growing because of highly skilled and educated labour is available in considerable size. Eastern european countries like Czech republic, hungary or poland are increasing their share but they are more concentrated in providing software outsourcing services to western european countries. Also, they have very small baze of population in offshore software development. Only china is growing at fast pace and it is anticipated that, it will compete with India in next few years and will overtake India by 2015.

Offshore India : There are many other countries which are trying to grow in this software outsourcing business. But to emerge int this market and mature rapidly in offshore outsourcing is not a quick process. Maturity in offshore software development process takes its own time. As india started 'offshore India' software development long back, Indian outsourcing industry has evolved with time and matured to meet highest standards in the world. The most challenging question when any corporation go offshore is, how to select offshoring destination. There are many issues to be considered while selecting offshoring destination and offshore software development company. Click on why software outsourcing to India? is more preferred compare to other destinations.