In the US many research is mentioning that, by the year 2015, 3.3 million jobs in the business process will move abroad. And those research also mentions that jobs going offshore will accelerate at the rate of 30 – 40% every year. But these researches are without a proper basis. As most of the jobs require consumer and service provider to be at the same place. Those jobs which move offshore should be considered as a part of economic restructuring. In long term jobs that are moved offshore for offshore outsourcing, generally will save millions of dollars which improves the economy.

 Offshore Outsourcing

So controversy around offshore outsourcing as the reason for job loss in the US is more a political issue rather than reality. India has around two hundred and fifty thousand employees working in business process outsourcing. This number is not such a big that, it can become a threat to 100 million workers in the US service sector. And American companies are very much eager to tap the cheaper labor source to do offshore outsourcing and compete globally.