Software quality guru Mr. Humphrey is the fellow of the software engineering institute at Carnegie Mellon University. He is also propounder of the Computer maturity model widely known as CMM levels. He mentioned that PSP and TSP benefit software professionals a lot. PSP means the Personal software process and TSP means the Team software process. There is a very high competition in software outsourcing and offshore software development companies, both models can help companies to achieve higher quality levels. They help to make software with a zero-defect delivery system and also help corporate to be more competitive. PSP is an individual-level model which help software professional to plan his work, estimate the size and efforts required, and schedule the work. It helps to reduce errors sharply and defect rate goes down to less than 1 in 10,000 lines of code. Also, overall productivity increases a lot. On the other hand, TSP helps team members to be self-directed, think, and achieve team goals and provide a framework to support team members. This has dramatic results in executing a project with very low defects and high productivity.