Offshore software product development

Monday, August 01, 2005

Indian software outsourcing industry has grown to become a world leader in offshore software development. It has seen many different trends technology-wise as well as ups and downs. The latest growth sector in outsourcing is product development. Many Indian software outsourcing companies are now trying to emerge in this niche market and companies like i-flex have already established itself.

Software product development is a very costly and risk attached to it is high. So, now a day, US companies are looking to outsource their product development to reduce cost and in turn risk too. A trend is very visible in software outsourcing for product outsourcing to countries like India and china. However Indian companies will have to mature enough to provide substantial cost benefit as the bottom line else product offshoring can be disastrous.

Why India for Offshore Product development

Companies that are going for software product outsourcing, have to consider many factors like whom to select as their development partner. Also, that development partner should have experience in creating successful offshore software product development experience. Because there is a substantial difference between offshore software outsourcing service providing and creating a world-class product. Also, project management is very important in offshore product development. That’s why, nowadays, many companies are going for a virtual offshore development center where they manage people according to their requirements and can implement their own policies and project management. Indian companies are moving more and more up in the ladder of offshore service providing and improving their product development and delivery capabilities.