The Indian government is trying to help software outsourcing and offshore software development in all possible ways. National Association of Software and services companies which is also known as Nasscom has decided to create a new image for Indian software outsourcing companies in the world market. Nasscom is marketing India as ‘Trusted Sourcing’ destination. The general impression of Indian software development service in the US and Europe is ‘low-cost service’. Nasscom is trying to create an image of a secured and trusted sourcing destination. Apart from marketing and PR relations, they are also trying to implement global practices and standards of securities in the members. Nasscom has also contacted E&Y to create a security standard and framework which will be implemented by its members. Nasscom will also create a board that will guide Indian software outsourcing and offshore software development companies as well as BPO companies on security issues. Members of the board will be picked up from important sectors like government, academic, and technology companies. This initiative by Nasscom will also include a series of events in India and other countries to educate in security-related issues. The basic idea of this exercise is to spread awareness among service providers and user organizations.