Why offshore outsourcing fails

Tuesday September 27, 2005

Many companies are rushing in completing offshore deals which can affect the quality of offshore outsourcing services. The majority of companies are running into offshore outsourcing just for cost-saving. There are factors like hidden costs, poor communication, traveling costs, cultural training, etc. which can offset the cost-saving....

Software outsourcing maturity

Wednesday September 21, 2005

Software outsourcing relationship

Software outsourcing was once considered a sub-topic at an IT conference. But now it is able to have its own conference and addresses the full range of business functions. It was the case at the 2nd annual European outsourcing association conference in Frankfurt....

Software development India

Monday September 19, 2005

Software development India

Well, known IT Solutions and services company Ness Technologies is going to set up a team in Mumbai for its managed strategic services facility- software outsourcing. Ness has got a contract from Hollywood Media Corporation for software development. This project will get executed in its Mumbai facility....

Software Outsourcing benefits

Tuesday September 13, 2005

A recent report by LogicaCMG shown that, outsourcing a way by which UK based companies can increase their profit margins and corporate value. The report mentioned that companies that are outsourcing are outperforming their competitors and they can create a shareholder value of around 25 billion dollars. The report also mentioned that companies may not explain investors about the long term advantage created by outsourcing,...

Software Outsourcing

Wednesday September 07, 2005

Offshore Outsurcing

Although offshore outsourcing is increasing and more and more software outsourcing is going to India, not all entry-level work is going to India. According to a recent study by the University of California, Berkeley, the researcher mentions that by down skilling some information technology work which combined with some training program can provide low wage workers a career ladder in the IT industry....

Software Outsourcing growth

Tuesday September 06, 2005

According to advisory firm TPI, offshore software outsourcing is going to rise. This research has included around 100 senior UK executives who are responsible for software outsourcing within their companies. According to a survey, 81 percent of the total executives mentioned they plan to increase their offshore outsourcing over the next few years while only 4 percent mentioned that they will decrease it....

Nasscom introduce exams to improve outsourcing quality

Monday September 05, 2005

Nasscom which is a National Association of software and services companies have launched a national entrance exam to improve the quality of graduates who are recruited into the call center and IT positions in the outsourcing industry. Initially, this three-month pilot will run in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai....

Software outsourcing and offshore software development

Friday September 02, 2005

Software outsourcing and offshore software development is the trend and current flavor of business. But there are very few trends in information technology which are as controversial as Software outsourcing and offshore software development. Although there is a business risk associated with outsourcing, many businesses are turning up to offshore low-cost software outsourcing service providers to increase their profit margin and it has become an accepted trend in today’s business....

Outsourcing meet

Thursday September 01, 2005

Widely known as SISI, Small Industries Service Institute, Mumbai is going to organize Outsourcing 2005. It is a national exhibition along with a meet for buyers and sellers, especially for small and medium level enterprises and software outsourcing companies. SISI is organizing this event at the Chennai trade center on the 28th and 29th of October....