Nasscom introduce exams to improve outsourcing quality

Monday, September 05, 2005

Nasscom which is a National Association of software and services companies have launched a national entrance exam to improve the quality of graduates who are recruited into the call center and IT positions in the outsourcing industry. Initially, this three-month pilot will run in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. It will cover 36 KIT and business process outsourcing companies and 15000 graduates. The aim of this exercise by Nasscom is to improve graduates and make a big trainable workforce into an employable workforce. It is believed that Indian BPO and software outsourcing companies are employing around 350,000 people. But current employers are under very high pressure because of the high attrition rate and lack of competent staff. By 2009, this industry will require around 1 million skilled people and thus companies will be under more pressure in managing their staff. Skill test by Nasscom includes listening and typing skills, verbal ability and spoken English, numerical and analytical skills, etc. After successful completion of this pilot project, Nasscom will start the national roll-out which will result in the saving of around 50% cost of recruitment.