Software Outsourcing

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Offshore Outsurcing

Although offshore outsourcing is increasing and more and more software outsourcing is going to India, not all entry-level work is going to India. According to a recent study by the University of California, Berkeley, the researcher mentions that by down skilling some information technology work which combined with some training program can provide low wage workers a career ladder in the IT industry. Berkeley professor Karen Chapple mentioned “Although some entry-level work is disappearing offshore, the economy still offers opportunities for job seekers with little college education to work in IT”

Which work will not go for Offshore Outsourcing?

Majority of comapnies are moving low level coding type of work to offshore and in some cases they are also moving higher level of research and design work too for software outsourcing to the low wage countries like India and china. US employees are advised to upgrade their technical skills to provide higher end designing work or combine business and technology skills. There is also a theory that, IT creates two poles in economy – high end knowledge workers and low skill service workers. But professor reached to the conclusion that, so called divide can be bridged, after interviewing more than 200 employees. She said, key is the entry level IT related tasks like computer support. This type of jobs require little training and college degrees compare to software development. Also, Chapple remained positive despite of software outsourcing boom that, some work will remain onshore. Also, she mentioned that, non profit job training programs are very helpful for disadvantaged people. But she was critical for some federal programs for job seekers.

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