Offshore Outsourcing and demand of expertise

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

In the world of IT, it is true that the Offshore Outsourcing of IT services is increasing day by day. For this, an effective offshore initiative of proper design and implementation is also required. There are lots of important factors to keep in mind while dealing with Offshore Outsourcing.

In the deal of Offshore Outsourcing it is advisable not to outsource your core business values. Stick to your key competitive advantages, and also consider how you expect your company to remain competitive. After taking the decision about the above factors, lists the one which can be outsourced. It is also required to do a complete analysis of the portfolio for all the application development project or IT processes. Try to make Offshore Outsourcing a part of a broad business strategy and don’t only look for the cheaper labor rates. Through thought of the whole project is must to get the success in Software Outsourcing. It is also required that you also play the role of an owner of the project. Involve your experts and main management personalities in to the early stages of the offshore deals. Good communication and change management strategy will be also helpful to deal with the issue that may arise internally. Don’t let the discontinuity play any role and be honest with your internal staff about the whole process of Offshore Outsourcing.


Offshore Outsourcing is the process with the challenge to get prepared and put the governance structures and employees in place properly. Try to put the tools and best practices for effective offshore project management which may include, risk reduction techniques, incentive and penalty, service description, vehicles, etc. It is also desired to manage the internal competitions properly, along with the proper development of the requirements of the projects by the clients. It is also advisable not to make frequent changes in the process and let them be fixed. Issues like pricing, culture, specialties and others are also needed to be compared and studied carefully before the commitment of any deals. Legal issues, insurance, financial strength and security are also key areas to be taken care of. Always try to find the best vendor in the industry with the experience and who can lead your business in the proper way and satisfy all your needs. It is also true that in the world of outsourcing, vendors are growing at very high speed and not concentrating on the recruitment, training and retention policies. The turnover ratio of developers is also going high in the process of Offshore Outsourcing.

Offshore Outsourcing really requires lots of expertise and needs to be taken café of constantly. Any misleading step or statement may lead any organization to the worst in the world of Offshore Outsourcing.