The truisms of Offshore Software Development are that out of three attributes — cheap, good, and fast — one can pick only two in that segment. Spending more money makes little difference in speed and quality but at the very same time, makes differences in services, which they are getting from the Offshore Software Development.

In Offshore Software Development the companies are maintaining the most comprehensive database of project metrics, including over lots of projects spanning. Its data comes from its own projects as well. These projects are 60% Information Technology projects which includes finance, human resources etc., 27% engineering (scientific, process control, etc.) and 13% real-time embedded systems (firmware, hardware controllers, etc.). But the projects in IT sector for Business Process Outsourcing are more towards the Software Development.

Company’s Software Development Management’s estimation of product, provides an empirical analysis of a variety of projects addressing Information Technology, real time embedded systems, and engineering. Offering accurate project estimation has been a long-standing but elusive goal of this industry. The result came that large teams created almost six times the number of errors as compared to small teams which have done less times. Large teams failed to deliver significant improvements in cost, quality, or time, widely recognized as the three major metrics of Offshore Software Development.

The problem has nothing to do with Software Development or hardware and everything to do with individuals and group behavior. More complex software doesn’t account for it, and faster hardware with more memory won’t fix it. The only consistent explanation is that as you add people, efficiency and quality decrease by them.

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The efficiency of small teams for Offshore Software Development is developed by an atmosphere of intimate collaboration, and the information produced does not take as much time to sink into each member of a smaller team. The diminishing quality stems from the absence of a holistic view of the project, when it is broken down into compartmentalized segments and distributed to each member of a large team; this approach can lead to errors and complications to them which are not good signs for better Software Development Outsourcing.

In the Field of Offshore Software Development the drop in efficiency is obvious from own experience. A team of four or eight people can congregate in a small room and work through issues on a whiteboard, while a team of 50 requires collaboration software and the requisite infrastructure and administrator to manage it, synthesize information, time to gather information and more time to coordinate a meeting which leads to discussion on Offshore Software Development.