Fortunately, Outsourcing Software development has progressed to the point where ready-made modules are available to order and combined to create software. No menu has been provided in the market for people to be hungry for new software. Instead, you must provide your own recipe for what you need from the other party. To create Customized Software Development to meet your exact specifications the good news is low-cost Outsourcing software Development and design resources are now available in India too.

Offshore Outsourcing can save you time and money if you know your needs and wants. Too often American firms outsource without a good understanding of what their own software should do, and this is the biggest reason of outsourcing failure in someway. It is not reasonable to expect your outsourcing Software Development team to have a menu of software, pre-prepared, so you can just choose the items that you require.

Offshore Outsourcing Software Development – or Offshoring Software which is a related term but has slightly different connotations – has a significant potential to improve a company’s bottom lines, improve quality of offerings, make it more responsive to changes in technology, import new and desired skill-sets into the organization and generally make the business enterprise more competitive in today’s worldwide market-place. However, if done with little preparation and without a clear business case, can often be a sure recipe for disaster. What you should do after you have decided on a clear business case for your offshore outsourcing initiative, after you have chosen the provider and now are in a position to start transitioning the work to the Offshore Outsourcing Software Development team. We deal with the role of strategic planning in preparing for Offshore Outsourcing in another column.

Outsourcing of Software Development

Divide the transition phase into 3 to 10 phases depending on the volume of the Software Development project. At each phase set achievable goals and bring about a consensus among all stakeholders on benchmarks that you’ll test against at the end of the phase.

The processes that are not being Offshore Outsourced – have strong links to the outsourced processes. Put the people involved in those processes in direct touch with the outsourcing provider as much as you can. It is important to remember once again, Software Outsourcing is all about People and relationship between people.

Not to retrench extra staff made redundant through Offshore Outsourcing. This may sound ridiculous as the whole idea behind Offshore Outsourcing Development is to replace costly local labor with cheap foreign labor.

The approach behind Offshore Outsourcing Software is not like walking into a restaurant, expecting the Outsourcing Development team to advise, in the way software should look, prepared, and presented to clients. Instead, bring your own recipe when starting work with a Software Development Outsourcing team. Unlike dining experiences, it won’t ask for the daily special. One has to provide a specific description of what it would like to have, and how it should be prepared. Without such a recipe, the Offshore Outsourcing Software Development efforts can be starved for success.


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