Software outsourcing India has been running down here and there. There is a huge difference between the US dollar and the Indian Currency Rupee; the naive Indian young workers are ready to do whatever necessary to keep their status quo ongoing. They do not wish the union hovering in their business. India’s software outsourcing sector is partly merged in allegations of worker abuse, overworked work conditions, and lack of parity of pay between what these oligarchs get from the Western nations and what they payout according to some of the media reports, the chairman of Wipro Ltd, a top Indian software exporter, says he is opposing unionization of the information technology outsourcing sector

Aziz Premji, chairman of Wipro, has quoted few lines on Hindustan Times regarding software outsourcing,” the unionization of the sector would certainly be a retrograde step. It wills unnecessary damage the growth of the industry as global clients will get concerned about whether they should be sending business to India.”

Software outsourcing

Currently, as we can see there are no labor unions in Software outsourcing India. the countries key part of the people are busy in outsourcing industry developing software programming, involved in customer service and back office work for multinational companies. India has been earning more than 40% of the world’ outsourcing market, with US$17 billion in sales annually from the business. Indian outsourcing companies are targeted and blamed for violating labor laws by the trade unions supported by the communist parties.

The workers can unite and bargain collectively with the management, they have a right to do so under the constitution said last month by Prakash Karat, Chairman of the Communist Party of India. According to the software outsourcing industry, has been facing challenges not only from the United States but also from other developing countries like China, Malaysia, and the Philippines.