Offshore Outsourcing has been the most debated topic in present market scenario worldwide. More and more issues are rising against its advantages and pitfalls. In present market scenario unemployment is really increasing in increasing way because of such overseas deals. Lots of people are loosing their jobs or paid less because of it. A survey says that there are lots of overseas workers who are ready and willing to work for the lowest cost to gain the employment. In short the main reason behind the debate and issue of the Offshore Outsourcing is the increase in the unemployment.

Offshore Outsourcing deals in America has made lots of impact on the employment issues. Lots of American companies are there who are increasing their overseas deals day by day in Information Technology field. More and more IT companies from US are now shifting towards Indian talents for problem solutions and services. There are lots of talented and skilled workers in India who are ready to work for the fraction of the cost of US workers. So in current scenario these US employees are finding themselves on the other side of the river. The reason behind the selection of US companies of India talents is the low labor cost compared to the US labor cost. Companies from US are gaining the same talent and same skilled workers from India with the lower labor cost. Because of these lots of criticism and controversy have emerged in America. Companies who are hiring Indian talents are not taking the proper welfare steps towards their employee in the process of Offshore Outsourcing.

Offshore Outsourcing

In Offshore Outsourcing the main problems is that its effects haven’t been studied properly and thus the terminology is on the debate. In reality American companies are not only shifting their jobs outside the countries but many foreign companies are also there who are coming into the American territory, but still the main problem is the high labor cost of the country. Lots of political issues are also taking place now in such countries because of the more employment loose in the country. More and more issues are coming in to the picture day by day not from America only but from the worldwide regarding the process of Offshore Outsourcing and its effects.

For such issues of Offshore Outsourcing country should also take some initiative steps. There should be some proper laws and regulations regarding the employment issues and many more. Companies and country both should show the proper interest in the welfare of the employees. This business process is not that much harmful as lots of advantages are there along with it. The main reason behind all the criticism is that it is not adopted in the proper way by the companies. Otherwise the process of Offshore Outsourcing would definitely help your business to gain the maximum benefits in the present competitive market and also give you the edge over the others.