Almost 4 months back Google just announced the filing of registration with the Security and Exchange Commission for a proposed public offer by the company of its 14,159,265 shares of A class common stock. By the way does it mean anything to PPC, SEO’s managers, and web masters? This thing indicates that Google will now have even stronger responsibilities towards its shareholders and, with many companies. Close monitor will also be kept on Google for changes in generation of revenue by webmasters as a part of their AdSense program and for increment of cost for the AdWard program also.

Google has also launched its long-awaited Blog Search Service a few months back and got the credit to become the first-ever search engine that offers a full-blown blog and feed search capabilities to the users. This service of Blog Search of Google is mainly introduced to focus on blogs of the websites. This Blog Search will be helpful for the users in exploring the blog universe more efficiently and effectively, and also may inspire other search engines for joining the revolutions. Web Search of Google would let users limit results to popular blog file types such as XML and RSS, while its news search includes some sources and blogs. A specific specialized tool for surfacing the tool purely was missing by Google. It is also true that almost all of the major search engines used to make experiments with feed search and blog, and no one has seriously put the efforts with blog search till now. So Google is trying to bring revolution in the process of blog search. This newer service of Google is going to be available both at / blog search. This service of Blog Search will also help users to find out what everyone is saying regarding any subject of anyone’s choice. For almost all the searches Google identifies capable blog sources by using information generated by its crawl of the web. Blogs will be indexed by their site feeds by the Blog Search.

Blog Search will also make frequent checking for the indexed blogs for the newer contents. This process indicates that the results for any given blog will be updated with the uploading of a new content and this process will also be much faster than the older process of standard web-searches. This newer search process would also be useful to find any specific post or for the whole or entire blog, with this the main results will always return links to the posts. Relevance of a ranking to any blog will be done by the own unique technique of the Blog Search.

Different commands and ranking algorithm are also available along with the advance search pages with the Google Blog Search. Limitations to a specific language or applying the safe search filter to the results can also be done in the process. Its link: command will also be helpful in discovering that who is linking to the post or blogs. Blog Search is available in Brazilian Portuguese, English and also in German, French, Russian, and in more different languages. By default Blog Search result comprises the blogs written in almost all the languages.