Offshore Development Centers in Russia

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The establishment of large Offshore Development centers in places such as St. Petersburg and Moscow is one of the ways the trend manifests in terms of Fortune 500 companies opening centers in country like Russia. Companies like Motorola, Intel, Sun, IBM, Boeing, Dell and Nortel are building Offshore Development center for their own Outsourcing purpose.

While keeping the rate of IT deliverables at the current or even higher pace by Offshore Development, the senior manager of Dell says that by delegating some projects to the Luxoft center they free up the time and energy of their Information Technology departments. Dell also says for example, with the help of Luxoft recently established two centers with more than 1500 employee staff which is over than 90% with bachelor degrees and 61% with advanced degrees in technology and science.

To set up its Russian business hub in Offshore Development, another company with a large Russian center is Cadence Design Systems of San Jose, Calif, a supplier of electronic design and engineering services; Cadence utilized the services of Russian firm Mirantis, which has United States headquarters in Foster City, Calif.

For the purpose of operations across a wide range of platforms, from the latest Windows and Linux-based tools all the way to mainframe, Luxoft also tackles sophisticated programming and Software product development tasks for the Boeing, Deutsche Bank and International Business Machines. About the most prominent Russian Information Technology companies, the name LUXOFT, StarSoft Development Labs, VDI, Reksoft, EPAM Systems and Auriga are pioneer in Offshore Development.

Offshore Development

There are many exceptionally talented electronic designers and engineers in Russia who can be useful in Offshore Development for Software and web designing; country has become a center of electronic design excellence with many major global technology organizations having facilities there. Russia is ranked number three by many scientists and engineers in regard to the per capita worldwide. The translation of 4.7 million students into a talent pool out of that 50% are majoring in science, math, and computer sciences.

The main reason for Offshore Development center set up by America in Russia is because of the superiority of its software engineers, Russia is of great interest to American high technology. They have the exceptional well theoretical ability, which when coupled with American know how it provides a dynamic combination by two of them. The country has already acquired the trust of the financial services sector because of Offshore Development in Software and IT field.