Offshore Outsourcing has proven itself as a great help to almost all the industries. Almost all the industries are getting lots of advantages by the use of this process. One of the costliest needed resource “manpower” is also available very easily in this process. In the whole process of overseas dealing risk is again a factor which is to be taken care off because even a single partner can lead the business to a harmful position. Exposure risk of the business identity is also involved in this. Lose of direct control of security, costs, scalability, availability and many more can also take place from the company’s point of view. There are other issues also which can create risks for the clients i.e. rise in the fees, changes in the terms and conditions of the overall contracts and many more done by the vendors. And the main one is if any thing goes wrong to the overseas partner that means it is the problem to all of his Offshore Outsourcing clients.

In Offshore Outsourcing deals perfect or good vendor is the one who takes proper care from his side and reduce the overall risks of the business. Still the concept of Virtualized Services is the one which helps in reducing the lots of services of the overall overseas deal. This is the model in which the company shares out the overall workload to the no. of different vendors. Any service request or important applications from the users arrive to the router that checks in the directory of vendors for the proper possibilities. The best and proper service provider based on the cost, probability, experience, and performance is selected by the router from the evaluation of the client’s requests or demands. After this the client is connected to the preferred end point by the router. The payment to the vendor is done on the basis of each and every transaction they finish. If any breach of the contract is done by the vendors or he raises his fees than the router lowers the priority of that particular vendor and sends him less work next time. The name of such vendors can also be removed from the directory by the router without causing any problems to the clients, as the client would be allotted another service provider for further work in Offshore Outsourcing.

Offshore Outsourcing

In the web-based Offshore Outsourcing process such big-scale virtualizes services are possible. But there are some problems too in such services. In making the whole process perfect, it is required to replicate the company’s data properly among the multiple vendors, or the service providers should also be able to pull the data at right time from company’s facility. Any of the above approach needs costly high-speed lines of the data for the timely and speedy procedure. The use of satellites can be one of the solutions to multicast data from the company to the list of the vendors for making the Offshore Outsourcing process faster.

In overall Offshore Outsourcing above was more of the technical issue. Other issues like cultural is also there. It can be easy for the companies to use their own routers or they can also hire the third parties for managing the service routers to measure the provider’s billing. Tools like web services, grid computing and related technologies can also be used. This technique is really very useful in making the vendors free from the dependence on a particular vendor in overall process of Offshore Outsourcing.