A combination of various models helps many of the offshore outsourcing companies. R&D is busy finding out the reasons for offshore outsourcing as well as identifying the specific processes that need to be outsourced. There are some oppositions who pop-up here and while.

Now when we look at the human resources available at offshore outsourcing, the educated and technological savvy available at the outsourcing firms are equal to the qualified workers in the United States. These workers prefer to stay at around the globe locations like China, Philippines, Ireland and many other growing countries. This has created some insecurity on the part of the American workers for their jobs and families are at chance. The KPO workers realize that they possess knowledge in all the various fields of mortgage banking, business leaders, regardless of the geographical locations.

But the American companies look forward for good business offshore outsourcing for maximum operational and financial benefits. This does not gives a negative impact on the knowledgeable workers in the US but the workers producing intellectual goods would help in expanding the opportunities for these workers and would affect global economy.

 offshore outsourcing

The India advantage in the offshore outsourcing is visible in various fields of outsourcing like the technologies, computer applications, designs, services, client-customer relationships and various other BPO and KPO process. More than 50% of the universities of India provide courses in English as their main language and 3 million of fresh graduates commence their future in different fields of languages and technologies. India has already started training the next-generation knowledge workers to get affected by the global economy.

The KPO process is evolving quickly in India to undergo a growing competition for outsourced work from countries like China and the Philippines. Offshore Outsourcing providers will be delivered high-value processes and the market will see usher growth in all other developing countries, thus affecting the global economy. The BPO market for low-end processes is predicted to grow at a great rate during the same period.