Software Outsourcing India teaches lesson to China

Wednesday January 04, 2006

Today, Software Outsourcing India is known as the Deming of software, Technology is playing a big role in China’s rise as a world economic superpower, but that nation still lags in one area that is Software Development and the neighbor country giving tuff competition and teaches a lesson as well....

Succeeding at IT Outsourcing

Tuesday January 03, 2006

Now days, top IT executives tend to keep strategic IT Outsourcing architecture close to home, when a large volume of work provides enough savings to warrant it, they hire outside resources to execute on that work.

The top priority in the IT Outsourcing are software Development coding and data center operations....

World dominated by the word ‘IT Outsourcing’

Tuesday January 03, 2006

IT outsourcing is well on its way to becoming a mega trend that is going too poised by reshape global business in a significant way. The theme plays out for the second year in a multi-year Offshoring battle between Indian and multinational vendors from whole world. The research agency has examined three key trends that are likely to dominate the software landscape in year 2006

IT Outsourcing Trends by unbundled deals:

The trend of moving away from a single vendor to multiple-vendor relationships will truly take hold in year 2006....

Some Facts on IT Outsourcing

Tuesday January 03, 2006

Key findings in IT Outsourcing are as follows:
Risks of IT Outsourcing:

Organizations are most concerned with potential loss of control – control of the project, scope creep, the technologies, the costs, and of their company’s Information Technology direction, when asking about the greatest risks of outsourcing....

Nine steps to Successful Software Outsourcing

Monday January 02, 2006

It looks like Software Outsourcing is the way to go because from the past few years, we’ve been bombarded with news of Offshoring and outsourced call centers, testing, Software Development Outsourcing, projects and entire IT infrastructures. Think and ask a question to yourself, what’s the value of the knowledge your staff members learn in the work that planning to outsource?...

Managing Outsourcing Development

Monday January 02, 2006

There are many features to manage Software Development Outsourcing. The fundamental part of the project is to choose or have a proper management structure. If it is for a simple project, the individual manager is enough to find a solution and complete the project taking a few months and use a few of the technical resources....

Offshore Outsourcing in KPO Process

Sunday January 01, 2006

A combination of various models helps many of the offshore outsourcing companies. R&D is busy finding out the reasons for offshore outsourcing as well as identifying the specific processes that need to be outsourced. There are some oppositions who pop-up here and while.

Now when we look at the human resources available at ...