We would definitely like to know the wages, income and compensation gained by the IT professionals when IT outsourcing is coming into concern. There are many software companies across the globe who outsource their product to India, and human resources in India are much cheaper when compared to foreign destination or when compared to onshore outsourcing. Over the years we have been hearing that more than 125 thousands of IT professionals have been talked about their salary, compensation, what matters most in a job, what would make their jobs change and how they feel about the impact of Offshore Outsourcing affecting their lives?

IT Outsourcing

But recent study shows that when IT professionals look at their job as unsteady and not promising as it was five years ago. Many respondents from 2005 National IT Survey was uncertain. IT Outsourcing remain a lucrative career which IT professionals earning unto a median salary of $60,000 and managers earning nearly $1, 00,000. According to the 2005 National IT survey three out of five IT professionals that software outsourcing is making fewer jobs available and it’s lowering the employees’ moral and support. But when we look on other side, IT Outsourcing is providing vast opportunities in other innovative tracks. 10 out of 100 cite are hiring new IT workers to support outsourcing efforts and nearly 20% agreed that Software Outsourcing has changed their lives and has created an importance in Global Growth.

IT Outsourcing is a practical solution for every business, though it involves risks but as we know what kind of business is it truly, when it does not involve the risk factor. Whenever a new idea is truly opted, it involves risks. Based on this data, majority of jobs are outsourced through a combination of both the producers and vendors at offshore destinations. Less than 15% companies prefer strictly Offshore Outsourcing as Cost-effective comes into the matter. So salary and Compensation gained in IT Outsourcing is much higher than any of the outsourcing channels.