The fact behind the Software Development Outsourcing process is the cost advantages and flexibility of the overall facilities. But another fact behind the whole process is more and more people are losing the jobs because of the process and it is fact. This process has been an important organ for any of the companies in all the industries. This issue of employment has been the most talked about and discussed in almost all the countries as all of them are involved in this process in one or the other way. Almost all the countries are suffering from these and now it has been a must for the countries to create jobs for the employees who have lost them because of the process of Software Development Outsourcing.

Software Development Outsourcing is though very much useful process and has lots of advantages with it, but now it is resulting in more and more lost of jobs. As mentioned above that more and more companies are now shifting towards it, more and more people are also loosing the jobs day by day. Now the time has come that such country should take some initiative on this issue and tries to focus more on creating the new jobs in the country, and to provide the new opportunities to those who have lost the jobs. Lots of criticism is taking place in such countries as lots of work is being outsourced from the low-labor cost countries like India and China as a part of Software Development Outsourcing. More and more jobs are shifted in such countries in the field of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), call centers and Software Outsourcing. Companies are shifting such jobs to their subsidiaries or contractors to India or China and gaining cost advantages. Still the fact will remain that in 21st century this process of the business is going to increase in almost all the countries. US and Australia would be the countries who will be focusing on this issue in the year ahead. Lots of critics are also taking place in these countries because Software Development Outsourcing. Riots and strikes are also happening because of it.

Software Development Outsourcing

Software Development Outsourcing was also the most discussed issue in lots of countries in election. More and more political parties are also involved in this and concerned about the creation of the jobs for the people who have lost because of Offshore Development. We all know that in the process of Offshore Development work is sent beyond the territory. It is the main reason that criticism is taking place from legislators and worker’s unions regarding the lose of the jobs and less compensation. Still the strange thing is that in the country some people are discussing the matter of openness and wide spectrums of overseas deals and the same people are also criticizing the overall process of Software Development Outsourcing.

The whole discussion on Software Development Outsourcing suggests that with the benefits to the companies in cost, the employees should also get the benefits out of this process. Companies should also think about the welfare of the employee and their future with the process of Software Development Outsourcing.