Software Outsourcing and Security Issues

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Software Outsourcing has been the most convenient way of business in the IT industry in the world today. All the IT firms are heavily involved in this way of the business and gaining lots of profits. As we all know that this process is mainly done to focus on the cost-cutting advantage. This process helps the companies to save the cost of the overall project by up to 50% to 70%. Because of this, more and more companies are now entering into this business process. Countries like the Philippines, China, India, Africa, Russia, and many more are the one who provides these services for perfect overseas business deals especially in the IT sector. While countries like Australia, America, and many big countries are the heavy outsourcers in the field of Information Technology. But the reality in the present scenario is different as more the Software Outsourcing, increases the threat related to the information and data security.

As stated above security issue also has been a major concerned in today’s Information Technology world. As more and more threat regarding the fraud is spreading in the market, the clients should be more aware about the security issues of his important data and informations. Clients should have almost all the informations about how data and information are going to be used? Where the data will be used? Who else is going to access the information of the company? He should only provide the informations which are required to the vendors and try to prevent the exposure of the non required information. In today’s latest technology world there are lots of ways one can save or misuse the data in the process of Software Outsourcing. Client should take better care of these and try to be more secured. If he finds any thing suspicious during the whole process, he should terminate the contract at once. There are others threats related to data process like threat of virus, data piracy threat, hacking procedures and many more. He should also check these issues before entering in to the deals of the Software Outsourcing.

Software Outsourcing

In the process of Software Outsourcing the proper investigation about the vendors also plays an important part. Clients should properly keep the watch and keep an eye on the way of working of the vendors. He should also take a visit to the plant of the vendor at least one time if possible. This will give the idea about the vendors and also about the other possibilities for the better business. Proper legal formalities should also be performed before any of the business deals. There are lots of laws regarding the data privacy in the existence which helps in keeping the data safe. In Software Outsourcing process help of these legal contracts would also be helpful in preventing the business risks.

Again in the deals of the Software Outsourcing lost of control over the project should not happen. Clients should keep some control power with him to maintain his position in the project as a partner. So these are some of the security issues which might play a vital role during the whole business process. More and more security issues would leads towards the safe Software Outsourcing deals.