Software Outsourcing and third party contract management are related to each other in one or the other way in today’s market. In the process of Offshore Outsourcing third party apart from Vendor and Client is also playing a crucial role at some steps. Now a day lots of contract management third parties are taking place in the market. But is it really safe to be dependent on this third party from the view of the vendors? Are these third parties that much reliable? Has it any other side effects on the business at all? All these and many more questions are associated with the third party contract management in the process of Software Outsourcing. Let us discuss them one by one in the following section.

In Software Outsourcing, now a day lots of vendors are dealing with third party contractors to satisfy the needs of the customers. Sometimes it might be possible that vendors do not have the sufficient sources to fulfill the needs of the customers. At this point of time the third party contract management comes in to the picture. Vendors would never like to loose the customers because of low resources. So they will hire this third party to fulfill the needs of the clients. But there are some certain things which should be taken care off by the vendors while entering in to the contract with the probable third party in Software Outsourcing process. It might be possible that third party might require to contact the client directly in case of some urgent discussion work. At this time the vendor should take care that the third party don’t take the client away from him in the future. Because these types of frauds are also taking place in the market. So in all the communication vendors should also play the important role. All the major communications should be done by the main server system to avoid the risk in the process of the Software Outsourcing.

Software Outsourcing

In Software Outsourcing, one more thing is marked that the vendors might hire some designers on the contract. These designers might also play the same role and might take the customers away from the vendors. So to overcome all these problems the best solutions is to hire a proper, smart and talented project manager or project leader. Project manager is the one who has to play the most important role during the whole process of communication. He should be the one who has to connect the vendors, clients and third party contractors. He also has to keep the close look on the overall communication between the clients and the third party contractor management teams to avoid the risk of the Software Outsourcing.

In short in Software Outsourcing the threat of loosing the clients via the third party is always there. So the vendors should always play the safe game by keeping the close look towards the overall process transactions. Proper management and appointment of the experts would definitely help the vendors to avoid the undesired risk of the business process of Software Outsourcing.