Software Outsourcing hub is another name of India because it is reassuring multinational customers and it could compete in global market with quality as well as on cost. Now its time for quality movement that is rapidly spreading in the international just as other countries going with the same strategy as India.

When it comes to Software Outsourcing the demanding work such as Software Development, wherein a thin line error can undermine an entire project go down with loss of cost cutting and mending the error is not always in the hands of skilled professionals too. There would be tremendous loss of money too. So it would be impractical to turn such works to strangers without some means to control against quality risks.

Gene T. Kim, 35-year-old chief executive, from renowned Software Outsourcing firm says that, when Bamboo was founded in 1999, some projects were unprofitable and costs were out of control. He also asked three of his top managers to spend a month researching what the Indian organizations were creating, Bamboo was unable. And not surprisingly they came back to Mr. Kim and told that a quality certification is a must factor while Software Outsourcing.

Software Outsourcing 

For setting specific steps which needed for an effective development process to be completed, the gold standard in the quality-certification business is the Capability Maturity Model. Because it wanted a standardized way of assessing the work for contractor and by that CMM conceived for the Software Engineer Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

With the same standard in Software Outsourcing that allowed Indian organization to lure business from America and Europe now have begun to migrate, and started helping from Egypt to Chile to Vietnam and a chip away at Indian Custom Software Outsourcing Empire. Surprisingly China is pre-eminent among them despite a shortage of English speakers and skilled IT-programmers.

Compared with 153 Indian, only 18 Chinese organizations were certified by CMM in year 2002, according to the Software Engineering Institute. And now that number climbed to 243 as compared to 387 Indian organizations for Software Outsourcing.

There were critics who complained against CMM firms for boasting of being CMM rated when perhaps only one or two divisions have earned the distinction fraud from corporate customers, the Software Engineering Institute has received complaints.

Quality claims by Software Outsourcing organization that makes for its work. The institute says clients themselves must investigate the cottage industry of quality watchdogs approved by the institute has cropped up across the region to rank and certify organizations. While, the appraisal process can take anywhere from a week to a few months and depend on the size of the company being evaluated. It would be uncommon for organizations to spend a year or more overhauling their entire Software Outsourcing and Custom Development process.