Robots and Software Outsourcing:
American buyers tend to be computer geeks who want to hack the robotic dogs of Software Programming. On the other hand Japanese clients, treat Sony robot as a pet.

In America robots have already taken over domestic tasks like lawn mowing, vacuum cleaning and window cleaning. With the cheaper labor rate in India, the domestic robot become popular or not is the question. It’s not likely in the up-coming years. However, robots have other uses in country like India that is many Indian autos, auto-ancillary majors and machine tool players are using robots to meet global precision standards and been used in cardiac surgeries which was possible after Software Outsourcing.

Tag on to Radio Frequency Identification by Outsourcing:
The Software Outsourcing Development like Radio Frequency Identification is not a bar code replacement. The current cost of tags is between Rs 5 to 30, considered to be prohibitive when tagging hundreds of products. The rates are bound to decrease this year. While bar codes are better at collecting data in structured places like ware houses, Radio Frequency Identification tags are expected to be used for data collection in largely with unstructured business processes like retail environments to hospitals.

Software Outsourcing

Podcast’s headed Software Outsourcing:
Year 2006 will see the growth in ‘mobile casting’ by Software Outsourcing. To know podcasting it’s necessary to have iPod. For the uninitiated, imagine a desktop aggregator where you subscribe to a set of feeds and the podcasting works similarly, except that instead of reading, you listen to the content on an iPod.

Wi-Fi on steroids:
WiMAX is the new kid on the block by Software Outsourcing Development in Worldwide Interoperability of Microwave Access. WIMAX provides metropolitan area network connectivity at speeds of up to 75 Mbps compare that to Wi-Fi’s 11 Mbps. It broadcasts its signal over many more channels than WiFi, and those channels are less cluttered. Its signals face less interference, thus helping them travel as far as 30 miles.

The new intelligent vehicle in Software Outsourcing:
At this time our cars too are becoming smarter, luxurious and advanced. For instance, the REVA-NXG introduced last April as a one of the concept car in Monaco, which was fitted with a wireless tablet, an embedded computer based on Mobilius with touch screen display system which shows all essential information about the car like speed and mileage, direction etc. It also doubles up as a Global Positioning System navigation system. Internet is accessible via GPRS and including MP3 player.

Integrated and diversified use of telecommunications and informatics is catching up in the transportation sector with Software Outsourcing. While, the Global Positioning System is being used in buses pilot project in cities like Bangalore are gaining a high-tech position. There are many Indian logistics organizations too are using Global Positioning System to track vehicle movements and errant drivers on roads which is revolution due to new technology from Software Outsourcing.