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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Top Software Company planning for India

Oracle being the top software company has decided to unveil its plan for India. This is been the recent news all-over the nation as the Oracle President Charles Phillips announced that the company is going to expand its operations in India, which on date employs more than 8,600 people across six mega cities. Oracle has its development centers in every kind of education donations, investments and commitment to the employees.

The top software company Oracle expects to increase its employees in India to over 10,000 over the next 8 months. Over all these years, the software company India Oracle has been putting up the infrastructure in place and enables to go beyond the metro-cities who are the metro engines of India. The top software companies in India want to chanelize at fast rate of development, high literacy rates and want to increase on IT skills as the each city represents an untapped reservoir of future economic wealth for India.

To understand how the top software company of India Oracle has been helping India, let us know the origin of the oracle. Oracle was one of the software companies to establish an India Development Center (IDC). It has the largest R&D Center outside US. This top software company in India is having nearly 400 applications customers in the nation on an average to affect the global economy.

Oracle also planes to amplify its partner network to support all the mega-cities of India. Its license revenue in Software India is generated through partners. India being one of the two fastest growing markets for Oracle in the Asia Pacific region, the software company has big plans in the field of sales and marketing, product development, consulting, and other services. This will accelerate the software outsourcing company towards various areas. The software companies are been rapidly in middleware applications and have attained leadership in key industry areas including the Government and other telecom industries.

The top software companies in India have been providing the most understanding menu of products and services for all sizes of organizations needs and requirements. The customers are given applications of different choice in the market and include various kind of Oracle E-Business Suite and other product lines. The top software companies of India strongly believe their future depends upon India’s economic growth and so they manage their business and IT infrastructure.

The top software companies of India have the finest and best products to run their business and they also enjoy unrivalled product support and rights to future releases to evolve the systems to stay dynamic and competitive in the marketplace. The software company and its partners remain keen on conceptualizing, piloting, testing and deploying different projects all across the nation. The parameters of top software company include building capacity in the e-government projects, innovation, and in other replicable projects.