Did you get the recent news? You must be wondering which news I am talking about. Well, Ford Motor Company, the third-largest carmaker has stepped in Offshore Outsourcing for it is now planning to outsource its components, engineering services, and other technology-related services from India. Now, isn’t the disease of Offshore Outsourcing affected the automobile industry?

The companies headquarter being in the US is still interested in its offices in India. Though they are not ready to comment on this new development the sources have proved that they are planning to invest some part of their money in Software Outsourcing. By this development, two main countries would be affected India and China as they are planning to cut the global cost by Offshore Outsourcing.

Offshore Outsourcing

The company has successfully built another team for Outsourcing services in India and they have an independent office in one of the metropolitan cities of India. They have identified certain critical engine parts, which are in huge demand at other destinations outside India, and wish to Offshore Outsourcing these engineering parts too. Few parts will be also outsourced from China but majority will be from India.

The company is still not interested in discussing its specific details on regarding Outsourcing its components as it is now bind by some laws and confidential agreements, but as time passes, the company would be outsourcing its components to various other countries. There are fresh orders for the other product developing companies to produce some of the engineering parts to produce in ample for Offshore Outsourcing.