Offshore Outsourcing process has posed the questions for the survival for many companies and many people. Lots of people are loosing the jobs daily as companies are now increasing the way of overseas dealings. Still there are many companies who believe in keeping their business onshore and they do not go for such overseas dealings. Latest and newer technologies are also emerging with more and more overseas dealing. Companies who are dealing with overseas parties are using this technologies a lot to place competition against this process. They also think that it would definitely create some problems for the process of the overseas business. They believe that the advancement in the technologies would definitely overshadow the overall process. They and many more are thinking that it would really put some fighting competition against the whole mature process of Offshore Outsourcing.

Offshore Outsourcing has several positive points that can’t even be thought about against this new and innovative technologies. The companies and industries have reached to the levels of use of this process from which it would be almost impossible to come back and use the onshore home-made technologies. Flexibilities associated with the process of Offshore Development could never be achieved by the new technology innovations. Though some good technologies like speech recognition, robotics and nanotechnology could lower the use of the Offshore Outsourcing up to some extent, but still full solution about the replacement of the process is almost impossible. As we all know that such overseas dealings are on the based of the cost advantages. In the countries like US and many more employees are working with high labor rates, so the best alternative for this is to find the labor from India or from many other countries. This facility can also not be achieved by the use of the latest technology. Deals of Offshore Outsourcing help the companies in maximizing the profit of the company up to great extent.

Offshore Outsourcing 

Offshore Outsourcing process also helps companies to manage the business process properly as the work distribution is possible and gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. Such things can also not be achieved by the use of the latest technologies. Though social cost and intellectual property transfer are heavily involved in such deals but the benefits provided by the whole process overshadow all these. Company’s 50% to 100% work burden can also be reduced and hand on the worldwide market can also be achieved by the way of the Offshore Outsourcing.

In short Offshore Outsourcing process has made the place in the root of the all the industries and companies, and it is almost impossible to find the alternative of it. Still in this Possible world nothing is Impossible.