Dell to Manufacture on Indian Territory for the purpose of Offshore Outsourcing India

Dell to Manufacture on Indian Territory for the purpose of Offshore Outsourcing India as the country seems to be very useful for Dell. It was stated by CEO Kevin Rollins in New Delhi, India. Though he didn’t described in details such as the schedule for the company’s plans to manufacture in the country but still there was clear indication from his side about the whole process. In the third quarter of 2005, almost 1.2 million computers were shipped in Indian Territory, up by 32% from a year ago. Hewlett-Packard sold the major number of computers with a market share of 19%, followed by HCL Info systems, an Indian PC vendor. For Offshore Development, company also proclaimed that it will strengthen the number of call center staff it employs on Indian Territory from 10,000 to about 15,000 over the period of next two years to increase the business in the country.

As part of its expansion on Indian Territory, the company is setting up its fourth call center on the territory Gurgaon region near New Delhi, India. The company, a maker of Information Technology products including compute systems, already has call centers in cities like Bangalore, Mohali, and Hyderabad. For Offshore Outsourcing India, new center in Gurgaon would start in April, adding 700 to 1,000 new employees by the end of this year, stated by the company. Company also stated that India is the only country in their 30-site customer contact network which helps in supporting customers in all geographic areas. That’s why Offshore Development from the country is perfect place for the company.

Company started its first global customer contact center in Bangalore, India in 2001. Dell has also set up a product group team in the city, focused on the development and testing of company’s enterprise line of server and storage products and services as well as a software development center to meet company’s internal information systems requirements for better service purpose. These are some of the reasons why the company is eager to for manufacturing process in India.

Efforts for Offshore Outsourcing India

As a part of the efforts for Offshore Outsourcing India, company is planning to double the size of its product development group in the territory during the next two years. At present more than 300 engineers are connected in developing and testing enterprise products and services, including servers and storage systems of the company. Dell is also planning to come up with some new ideas for better purpose of Offshore Software Development. Company is showing all possible interest for doing business in India.

To make the business process perfect in the territory, company stated that their service strategy is to work in tandem with their hardware business, where they applied a layer of support services and then over time add to the list and increase those support services around the hardware productions added by the CEO. In this way these are the efforts put by the company to reduce the cost for the purpose of Offshore Outsourcing India.