India Software Development is facing a hard time at present. Actually it happened after the incident of 11 September attack. This attack has made a huge impact on Indian Information Technology industry. Indian talents are facing problems like visa restrictions, police raids and many more in overseas countries because of it. It is the clear indication that how much Indian talents are facing problems overseas in Information Technology industry. Lots of harassment is taking place without any reason to them. There was an incident in Malaysia where local police detained 270 Indian IT employees on suspicion of being illegal employees. This incident has shaken the whole industry that was eyeing on getting a steady growth, as IT companies overseas shift software work offshore to get profit from low-cost engineers of India Software Development.

India Software Development is very well famous worldwide for the low-cost labor especially in Information Technology industry. But all these incidents are really creating lots of problems for it. It is found that some political lobbies or unions are behind all these because they are feeling the fear of loosing the jobs. While some other people think that Indian were caught by police in routine police actions against the illegal work procedure. But the question is why it all happened with India talents only? In US also the same thing is happening. Here also the local public is feeling the fear of loosing the jobs because of the growth of India Software Development. According to British telecoms group, they have trouble and debate with the unions because of their Indian call centers which would employ more than 2000 people. US legislator is also trying to stop the government from sending work overseas for the cheaper labor-rate. All these are feeling the fear of unemployment in the country. All these create lots of problems for the India Software Development.

India Software Development

India Software Development is facing hard times in terms of the legal issues in such countries. According to news some of the Muslim employee’s visas were either rejected of revoked inspite of performing well for no. of years. It looks like everything is getting strict day by day for India. One more incident was there in which Indian employees were hit hard by the layoffs in the west almost two years back. As explained above Indian IT employees are facing more visa problems in United States and Europe, because of security checks which intensified after the attack on the twin towers. India Software Development industry has really been suffering and facing hard time since then in such countries.

Though India Software Development industry has lots of such problems, still it is on the first rank as far as overseas development of IT work is concerned. Still more and more companies prefer Indian talents and skills for critical Information Technology work. Though all these incidents have hit the country’s talents hard but still the demand of India Software Development is as it was globally.