In Offshore Outsourcing you have to get prepared and ready to face big risks for making big savings. The bigger the savings involves bigger risks too. The risk towards the Intellectual Property is very high in such overseas deals. No guarantee is there that your valuable and important data is safe in the hands of the overseas vendors. Lots of issues of data piracy and misuse are happening in current market of the overseas dealing with the innovation in the technology. Recently the case of selling the private information of the customers from the Indian Call Center had happened. It made the whole world think about the security of the data. It indicates that noting is safe in this world. In such deals the more you will look for the savings you will have to provide more information to the service providers. Such issues can’t put back to the bottle without proper investigation. This type of risk which can not even be managed in Offshore Outsourcing.

Such case in Offshore Outsourcing has made one thing sure that the speed of the process would definitely reduced. Though such stilling of the information of the customers is becoming common now. Neither you nor your information is safe, no matter how much care and efforts you put behind it. This issue from Indian Information Technology industry is the most shocking one for the whole world. India considered the main hub for the Offshore Outsourcing for Information Technology. It indicates that companies are not putting enough efforts for the security purpose of the customer’s data. It was the first case of theft of the data of the customer; as such incidents are never herd before. Being a client it is also your part of duty to show more concerns about the security of your valuable information. You should at least have all the informations regarding the usage and storage of the data to reduce such risks of the Offshore Outsourcing.

Offshore Outsourcing.

In Offshore Outsourcing, there was another case where a company from U.S. outsourced a product design from India Company and after the deal was over the U.S. Company used the code to create a version for the Indian market. Another case is also pending in India. Legato Systems, a storage maker software developer company has alleged that few of his employees have taken some of its intellectual property along with them when they shifted to another company. These are some of the cases that have happened in Indian Information Technology industry in Offshore Outsourcing deals.

Though in Offshore Outsourcing very few companies are there who are showing interest in the securities issues of the Intellectual Property. Legal formalities are one of the most important parts of such overseas deals. If you will not take proper care of your Intellectual Property then it would definitely make you and your company face a heavy loose in Offshore Outsourcing process.