India Software Development, a name which is one of the most favorite globally for overseas Information Technology problem solutions and services with qualitative and lower labor rate is under terror attack. It has been new target for terrorists. Latest news was suicide bombers have tried to threaten in letters which was sent to local media in Bangalore to target a top politician and launch attacks against New Year’s revelers. Bangalore is the main Information Technology hub for India. Such news in this city has shaken the Indian IT industry. There are more than 1500 Information Technology companies in Bangalore. On Dec. 28 only there was an attack by a gunman at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore city. It shows that an Indian IT service is a likely target for a group of terrorist that is operating in the country. Still India Software Development looks all well and prepared to cope with such threats of the terrorists.

For India Software Development IISc is one of the more prestigious institutes of educational and research in the country. Attack on it was really the most threatening issue. Research work for lots of multinational and local IT companies are taking place here. In one more incident a letter regarding to the attack was sent to the city’s media. The letter was faxed to no. of newspapers. In this letter the main target for the terrorists was the chief minister of state Karnataka. It was mentioned that six attackers are to trigger explosions which also include two human bombs that targets State Chief Minister. India Software Development is really under a great threat because of all these incidents. Police also arrested Abdul Rehman, who was found to have links with Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) a group of terrorist that is demanding the independence for Kashmir. Bangalore has a large connection with the countries Information Technology, so terrorists find it one of the best places for terrorism activities and trying to damage India Software Development.

India Software Development.

For India Software Development, Bangalore is the city that has the almost all big brand names of the country as well as multinationals their operation there. MNC brand names like IBM, Intel, Texas Instruments and Accenture all have their operations in the city. The city also has country’s some of key defense research and development organization in it. Presence of all these organizations makes the city Bangalore perfect target place for the terrorists to fulfill their demands from the government and make India Software Development pay for it.

Though India Software Development is under the threat of terrorists, no such threaten effects are found on the development of the IT industry in the city. Prime minister has also assured that the city is prepared well and ready to face any terrorism attacks. He also assures that terrorism won’t be able to get success in their task. In short India Software Development is ready to reply terrorism.