India Software needs to be safeguard from the Kama-Sutra virus on 3rd of February again. There has been whole lot of buzz going around at such a crucial weekday. Many of small and big companies had to shut down their work as a safety measures from this code of virus program that can infect as many people as possible causing damages to the entire database stored in the form of doc, zip and PDF files. This may seem like terrorism, but India Software has been affected by this virus to a large-extent.

Yes, these few years have seen some changed, as such attacks have lessen, with strict government imprisonment rules. India Software companies have largely adopted many spy ware programs for safety. These creative spy ware programs are created and determined to be non-infected by such cheesy viruses. Usually it is believed that virus is spread through attachment carrying free porn or some other salacious message.

How India Software industry must safeguard is the question? It is believed that there are sets of team-members who at different parts of countries develop programmed viruses like the Kama-Sutra virus on. Let us understand how this Virus infects the users’ software. As soon as the user opens the attachment, he discovers that the computer starts some process. This process is actually virus which is enabling the software to disable the anti-virus software installed and runs down to the users’ manual system.

 India Software

India Software companies, who mainly run in Gmail or Hotmail, will not be much affected, as these messages may not appear in their offline messages. But there are many naïve software systems around the world that may not be cautious about this virus program and may not be hesitant to see such attachment files. All we can do is, India Software can create advanced spam-protection files, which can safety us from such cheap and hitting virus programs.

Some of the experts claim India Software that the best precaution against such virus is not to open the mails from someone you do not know. This is an utter folly. Because the virus attachment does not comes from the unknown name, but from the known people. We might open the attachment and be caught by this virus.

India Software Company could safeguard itself either by shutting down their servers for some hours- yes this will be a loss to the company as thousands and billions of money might be a loss, but smaller and regional software companies would not mind this. The other way to chuck out the problem, will be like using some common sense that why should your native person send you such porn and such fizzy sites or your corporate workers to work on firms’ network? The best way to administer such viruses, is to block your important files and be backed up by offline. You can even reinstall your anti-virus software program if you feel your anti-virus is not reliable or even go for free-online sites which gives you free virus scanners like that of Panda Antivirus Software. Yes this may take few minutes to hours, but it will help the India Software to back-up with such flimsy viruses.