Offshore Outsourcing and India have lots of connectivity with each other in many ways. Especially when it comes to Information Technology sector, both of them sounds necessity for each other. Lots of Information Technology services are sent overseas daily and demand of Indian knowledge is increasing heavily. Previously Indian brand names were just well known for the services of “body shopping” but now their role and duties are changing. All these companies who were in body shopping business have been big brand names of IT sector and they are demanded very heavily globally. Now they are no more in body shopping business only but their responsibilities have also been increased. As we all know that India is the main spot where one can find the talents and qualitative work with lower cost of the project. This is the main factor which is making the demand of Indian service providers on the top for Offshore Outsourcing services.

For Offshore Outsourcing previously the overseas parties used to place their presence in India by developing subsidiary firms in the country to get the benefits of lower cost. But they have found the alternative of Third Party Contract Management. These are the parties who are specializing in end-to-end development of the product. In Offshore Outsourcing, lots of overseas companies are now dealing in this way in India as an option of the direct vendors. It indicates the change in the role of Indian vendors. In end-to-end development, such service providers provide all the facilities to their clients. Such services include architecture to development, analysis, testing and the delivery or release of the end product to the client. Such contract management has really reduced lots of work burdens and responsibilities from the list of the clients. All these provide lots of flexibilities to them and they can also pay attention to another important works of projects of the Offshore Outsourcing.

Offshore Outsourcing

In the Offshore Outsourcing all these above tasks were include in the previous times which sometimes acted as a burden for the clients. In many cases it was also not possible for them to invest such heavy amount in unknown countries. But with the changing roles of the vendors and service providers, clients are finding lots of reduction in the overall task and responsibilities. All these also provide the freedom to the clients. These are few of the main changes that have occurred from the part of the vendors in the process of Offshore Outsourcing.

Offshore Outsourcing has really faced lots of changes in past few years with the increasing demand of the overall process. Still many changes in the overall are likely to occur to make the overall process smoother and easier for both, to the vendors and to the clients. All these are revolutionary changes of the overall process. Because of it the demand of Offshore Outsourcing would also increase in the following years.