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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Offshore Outsourcing and new emerging areas for overseas services

Offshore Outsourcing is undergoing to a fundamental change. Benefits like cost savings and time to market reductions have been most important concerns for the parties. More companies are now taking interest in the process of overseas dealing. Almost all the industries are slowly getting involved in such overseas transactions. New industries and areas are also emerging for the process of the overseas transactions. Industries like Information Technology and many more have gained tremendous benefits out of this process and till date also they are gaining a lot from it. The success of this industry has attracted many new sectors to move towards the process of overseas dealings. Some new and emerging sectors that have joined the process of Offshore Outsourcing are as follow.

Offshore Outsourcing

Overseas dealing in Retail Services

Now the supply chain management is spanning globally, as the timely and qualitative services have been the most required factor for any of the business to survive in the competitive market. In present scenario most of the chains are in the race of expanding their presence globally. Additionally the internet has raised expectations for customers also. Customers are also expecting the retailers to deliver qualitative services whether they at their store or at home or at their computer. So all these leads to Offshore Outsourcing in Retail Services.

Overseas services in E-governance

Electronic governance may be defined as the delivery of services of government to the public by the way of the electronic means. This helps government, generally lacking in the knowledge of the technology of IT that help in making the right choice of technology. IT specialized are also used for this purpose by the government. In present scenario skill of project management is also very poor and by Offshore Outsourcing such services can be digitized with least penalty cost effectively, timely and with proper resources.

Overseas deals in Pharmaceutical Research

Offshore Outsourcing is helpful from drug discovery to selling in almost all the ways. After the success of the InfoTech firms, now the time has come for biotech and pharma companies to get the hands over it. Collaborative Research Outsourcing work can be done out of India very easily for these companies. Offshore Outsourcing helps small companies to take new drugs through the clinical trials by avoid the high investments on infrastructure that would be required.

Overseas services can be helpful in Healthcare Industry

Offshore Outsourcing would provide qualitative and reduced cost opportunities to the Healthcare Industry also. Such business transformation could be possible through BPO. Lots of savings can be done in operating costs and quality can also be improved by this way of the business. Such cost reduction can be helpful in new medical facilities or equipments.

These and some new sectors are there that have shown interest in the process of Offshore Outsourcing.