Offshore Outsourcing to India is also now most popular for call center services. It has been a norm for many companies to have a call center in India. Day by day international demands are increasing and with the growing demands for the purpose of cost-effective and customized call centers, many companies globally are in the process of outsourcing such services by establishing call centers in India. But why all are these companies selecting India for such call center services? What is the main reason behind their selection of India as the main spot for call center services? India has intrinsic strengths that make it a hot spot as an Offshore Outsourcing destination for the services of call centers.

Offshore Outsourcing form the country is very well recognized for the Information Technology services. Country’s strength is recognized world wide for qualitative and cost effective IT services. India is also the second largest English-speaking country after USA, which also attracts overseas companies a lot. It is the country with the cost-effective and qualitative manpower. The manpower in call center services generally accounts for 55% to 60% of the total cost globally, while in India it is available at a fraction of a cost overseas. A vast manpower of educated, tech-savvy, Fluent English-speaking is available very easily. Boom of IT sector provides perfect IT professionals very easily for the purpose of Offshore Outsourcing for call centers. Government of India has also recognized the huge potential of Information Technology enabled services and has also taken the positive and favorable steps by providing lots of benefits and incentives. Existence of most MNCs and other IT companies in the country would also enable creation of most advanced establishments in the segments of the technology-incentives for the Offshore Outsourcing in call centers.

Offshore Outsourcing

As a part of Offshore Outsourcing in call centers many companies from Australia prefer only India. The survey suggest that these companies are almost savings 50% to 70% of the overall cost by hiring Indian talents and professionals for the services in the Call Centers. Labor cost in the country is very low as compared to the countries like America and Australia so these countries prefer the Indian talents for such services. According to news the strength of the call center industry in the country is quarter of all software and services exports from the country. This sector provides employment to almost 160,000 professionals for the purpose of Offshore Outsourcing services.

In shore Offshore Outsourcing in call center services especially from India is one of the most important part not for the country but also for the companies globally. Call Centers services and business have helped a lot to many of the overseas as well as onshore companies for effective cost savings without compromising with the quality of the work. It is playing a major role as a part of Offshore Outsourcing to the country.