Africa is just emerging on the Business Process Outsourcing scene, yet it has good confidence that it can compete with the Asian countries like India. While, at such a time India is master in the process of Offshore Outsourcing industry.

The people residing in Africa work round the clock and put all their hard work seems to be quite happy with their Offshore Outsourcing jobs because they have better guarantees and working conditions than other work places worldwide. On a higher level perhaps, it is an unfair way of taking advantage of the bad work conditions of their own country, it cites a familiar response that in life one has to start from ‘scratch’ and achieve the target.

As we know the big western and Asian organizations are all into the process of Offshore Outsourcing by very specific aspects of their activities abroad, one can say that the Africa might become a new area of emerging interest in this industry. Due to high overhead costs, the giant organizations have trouble keeping their heads above water because they are making savings and improving their profitability buying into a trend, which is now well established and virtually claims low risk as any other business of Offshore Outsourcing practice.

 Offshore Outsourcing

The global Business Process Outsourcing scene has evolved into a cutthroat business, however, organizations are not at all shy to cancel deals which they are not happy with and there is a growing differentiation in the market and the labor pools as well. For Software Development the Indian towns and areas are setting the trend and still have the biggest market share of the world. While the game of Offshore Outsourcing is dominated by quality assurances, trust-building by two teams and offerings more highly diversified human expertise and technology.

In the year 2004, BPO world was turned upside down when giant firm like, Getronics decided to pull out one contract from India, which was worth millions dollars. While, at the time of second wave of BPO activity, that has emerged and bears for competing price and all the hallmarks of quality control. India has become somewhere now the victim of its own success. Now investors are beginning to sign deals in country like Africa and neighbors of it. South Africa is becoming a popular destination which will draw focus to other African countries in the Offshore Outsourcing running.

Africa might become a world’s next hotly contested destination for Offshore Outsourcing. Also there are two key aspects in BPO negotiations, the leaking customer information and lack of trustworthiness. In obscure overseas locations the trend has taken off before some years and gained momentum on the spur of the cost effectiveness or savings success stories and in many cases reputable quality of the work to be delivered by these successful Offshore Outsourcing.