Offshore Software Development has very deep relationship with India as India is very much popular globally for overseas Information Technology services. Developers have helped the country to evolve as overseas development center by moving up the value chain to offer custom development services in IT sector. The country emerged as software service exporters in late 1980s and in early 1990s with centralization planning in transition to market-oriented economy. In present scenario Indian companies possess the major market share in Global Outsourcing market in the field of Information Technology services. IT companies from India has been the one stop solution for many countries globally. IT companies from India are at present competing with leading multinational service providers for the process of Offshore Software Development.

Offshore Software Development is not a new phenomenon for Indian market. In late 1980s when country’s economy became market oriented, companies from the country started to dominate the overseas industry. Country is also recognized for its highly skilled and talented IT professionals worldwide. Several Indian Information Technology companies are listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ, a large no. of fortune 500 companies are also outsourcing their IT requirements to India. Now the country is on the way to provide more specialized services in the deals with overseas clients has grown and their wide experience has let them to showcase their qualitative potential. In the beginning stages companies from India comfortable with only some of the parts for the process of Offshore Software Development. But now one can easily provide the services like analysis of a need, designing the software, writing the code, creation of requirements and implementation of it with the testing. Companies form India are also improving standards constantly, and opening research and development centers for the purpose of Offshore Software Development.

Offshore Software Development

Offshore Software Development is also very important aspect for the economy growth of the country. Lots of funds from the foreign is coming into the country as more companies from overseas are planning to deal with the Indian IT companies. Unemployment issues are also getting solved as IT industry is getting more boosts up. Country’s talents are demanded more globally for their skilled and knowledge. Companies from abroad are also getting flexibilities along with the cost advantage by the way of Offshore Software Development to India.

All these indicates the strong relationship of Offshore Software Development with India. India has been one of the most important organs of the overall process. Skills and readiness to serve of the country’s talent has also helped India to maintain its position on the top of the list as far as Offshore Software Development is concerned.